Skin Types and Beauty Products: Oily & Normal


My first contact with the words ‘skin type’ was while I was in university watching an ad for Lux beauty soap and for that particular variant, the model had such beautiful skin I immediately wanted to start using Lux beauty soap. I walked to the supermarket to buy a bar and I saw written on the packaging, ‘for normal skin’. I asked around but no one could explain the different skin types to me so I filed it mentally under ‘things to understand’ and not long after, I found lots of resources to study on skin care.

There are mainly four skin types: oily, normal, combination and sensitive. It is necessary to state here that the different skin types have different needs.

Oily Skin is shiny, has large pores, is prone to blemishes (blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples).

This, however, has a major advantage in the long term because it ages slowly. Choose beauty products that are non-comedogenic which means it is very unlikely to clog your pore, non-acnegenic which means it won’t cause you to break out, choose water based products over oil based makeup products so they do not aggravate your skin. Choose foundations labeled as ‘oil-free’ or water based. These may be liquid, stick or cream. Choose a concealer stick which is dry in texture to hide major spots.  You’ll also want to purchase a primer to keep your skin matte for about 4-8 hours depending on how effective the particular product is. Choose fine powders which will sit nicely on your skin without being too heavy or cakey. For blush choices, I will go with powder rather than cream. For highlighters, I would say go easy on the glow. A little can create the dramatic effect you desire. Remember you already have shiny skin, why add too much of a product that may amplify that? Lastly, always have oil blot paper on hand to dab your forehead, nose, and chin when they do get shiny. It lifts off the oil but keeps your makeup intact.

Normal skin is balanced, clear and usually the most ideal skin type. With skin like this, you can wear any kind of makeup you like. Literally, everything looks great on the skin like this, I would still say though, choose products that are kind to skin regardless of type so it will be saying yes to products that don’t clog pores or cause any form of acne as well as avoid makeup products containing harsh ingredients.

For the love of beauty,


Picture credit: Natural Hair Care Genie


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